May 28, 2007

Olli 3D


allright ... after doin' olli with sculpey i decided to go over the 3D-design again, 'cause i liked the new proportions a lot more. in a common production you make the clay/sculpey version first and then the 3D-model. but olli was at first not used to me for a shortfilm. i just had the intension of a fast modelling-practice. what ever ... still don't know the story? please have a look at the animatic ... c&c are welcome!

wish a bright day!


May 26, 2007

new photos

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May 23, 2007

holy father

"holy father"
(2006 - Height: 25cm)

well then ... that's "holy fahter" - a stop-motion-amarture-prototype i made some months ago. he was damaged a long time and today i decided to fix him. he's made of wires, screws, tubes, parts from toy-helicopter-engines, and swivels from toy-boats. he's used to me for play around with poses and breakdowns. especially because of his low abilities to facial-expressions :) you have to tweak him carefully to get strong poses.

May 15, 2007

Olli Bird

(potter's clay - height: 15cm)

Olli Bird ... whistling and with flapping wings ... thx nic for the pictures!
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May 14, 2007

hog roast

yes that's my first hog roast ;) to tell the truth i was a bit bored sitting the whole day in front of my computer last week and so i took over and decided to make olli "real". i did it over weekend and it was a first attempt to use Super Sculpey instead of potters clay i always used to in the past. i must say that is real fun to work with! Super Sculpey has great modelling-qualities and i think i will use it more often in the future! but as you can see it is not that perfect. unfortunatly there are ugly white spots on the surface, because i used "smoothing oil" for finishing and polishing and will never do it again. next time i gonna use terpentine. my next failure was that i baked "olli" 5min too long, so that his tail and ears got burned :) ... and into the bargain i took him out of the oven too fast so that he got cracks ... albeit i like him! and next time - a better try

May 11, 2007


Yeah! Today i finally finished the Dirty-Olli-rig and damn it was a hell! On one hand cartoony rigging is great 'course every time it is a very creative challenge to get the rig as cartoony as possible. Technically ... But ... I'm not a TD and it's really annoying to build up all the joints, constraints, skinnings over and over again till it's working. But that's the job and it is done. So prepare yourself! I'm gonna pull the strings next week!

Wish a bright weekend!


May 9, 2007


It's leisure time and boy what a day! I love the spring! The fullest green of the year and people are ready to get observed like that woman i saw. Wish a sunny day with a 5min-smile (at least) ...

Greetz Frank

May 5, 2007


Hi world, my name is Frank Spalteholz and i'm an animator from Hamburg/Germany. Until May this year i worked for Animationsfabrik GmbH/Germany as a 3D-animator on a new Feature called "Dodo" (Warner Brothers). I had a great time there and i want to say "thank you guys for all"!

Now i'm working on my new shortfilm "Dirty Olli". Please have a look on my Olli-Blog for the animatic and further updates. But feel free to check out my other artwork-blogs too!

Leave me comments and have a great time!

Cheers Frank