July 31, 2007

Tom's world

Welcome to Tom's world! Still boring grey but i hardly work on it. I'm trying to achieve a macro-world-optic with a strong "depth of field". For the background i gonna use real-life-footage from a forest with a strong blur. Will see if it's going to work.

Simpsons - The Movie

The last 2 days i went to cinema to see "The Simpsons Movie" and boy that film rocks! Now i know that it was it worth waiting so long to see them in cinemescope! I was really curious about the style
and if they would change something visually compared to the series. But it is almost the same (except an additional shadow-level and really great backgrounds!) and it works! BUT ... there were so many 3D-elements. Almost every shot with a croud, vehicles, or camera-transitions were done in 3D (i don't mean the characters). The reason why i mention this is the fact that "The Simpsons Movie" was strongly announced as a 2D-movie, but that's not entirely true. Anyway ... the cell-animated characters and the 3D-elements were perfectly combined and think i will watch it again. So i advise you not to miss it!

July 27, 2007

older 3D-models

copyrights Baedeker

St. Michaelis Church - Hamburg

Cap San Diego - Hamburg

Ferry MS-Silja - Finland

Cathedral "Palma de Mallorca" - Spain

"Santiago de Compostela" - Spain

These are some older 3D-models i did for Jangled-Nerves GmbH. They were shaded/rendered by Xox and i only modeled them.

July 25, 2007

Tom Colour-Design

Last days i finished the rig and the uv's-layout (thank you very much Toni & Stephan) After that i quickly black&white rendered the model and overpainted it with Photoshop. It's not the final version just a reference for painting the textures. Maybe i should give him some freckles and bit more green mossy spots around the lower body.

July 23, 2007

Harry Potter V

Tonight i saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix" and i'm really disappointed. Yes there were nice special-fx and great pictures. The sets were full of great details and i could feel the wizzard-magic-world but several times unexpected things happend so fast after each other combined with such an hectic camera that i got confused over and over again. It was like a little kid is telling the story:" And and .. than happend this and then that, and that ..."
In my opinion David Yates (director) had no idea about the over-all-message: Is it a movie about "the first love", "war against the dark side", "the problems with being a teenager", "friendship" or what? So it became a strange mixture with all of these aspects. But they suspented each other and at the end none of them were strong enough for me so that i can say "..." is the message of that film. I had the same problem with the other parts too and i think one disadvantage is that every part were directed by another director just like the batman-movies. But the biggest problem is that the movies were done when the last part of the novel hasn't been finished. It is one of the first things i learned about writing a script:"Know your end and you can guide your actors/incidents" That's the initial part of a successful dramaturgy. In "Lord of the Rings" for example are three parts, the first is about "the fellowship", the second is about "war" and " nature" and the third is about "friendship". All three parts are fitting perfectly but also as indiviual stories. Fortunatly the last part of "Harry Potter"-novel is finished so let's see ...

July 17, 2007

Tom goes 3D

Hey folks! I`m through with my job at the Animationsfabrik, means animating for "Dodo"-Feature and i had a really great time there (almost a year)! Thank you guys!
And do you remember Tom? Scroll down if not. Tom's gonna be my Hero while giving a Maya-course at the Animation-School-Hamburg. I like him quite a lot albeit he has a simple design. Next days he will get rigged and shaded so come around later for following udates!
Critic and commends are welcome anyway!

Wish a nice week!


July 15, 2007


topic this week: " hello, hear me ... ?!"

July 9, 2007

busy me

i'm very sorry for not posting the last time, but i'm currently very busy with my olli-production. I 'm also animating for the Animationsfabrik for their feature-movie "Dodo". But prepare yourself i'll be back!!! ;) wish a nice week everybody!

cheers frank