July 23, 2007

Harry Potter V

Tonight i saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix" and i'm really disappointed. Yes there were nice special-fx and great pictures. The sets were full of great details and i could feel the wizzard-magic-world but several times unexpected things happend so fast after each other combined with such an hectic camera that i got confused over and over again. It was like a little kid is telling the story:" And and .. than happend this and then that, and that ..."
In my opinion David Yates (director) had no idea about the over-all-message: Is it a movie about "the first love", "war against the dark side", "the problems with being a teenager", "friendship" or what? So it became a strange mixture with all of these aspects. But they suspented each other and at the end none of them were strong enough for me so that i can say "..." is the message of that film. I had the same problem with the other parts too and i think one disadvantage is that every part were directed by another director just like the batman-movies. But the biggest problem is that the movies were done when the last part of the novel hasn't been finished. It is one of the first things i learned about writing a script:"Know your end and you can guide your actors/incidents" That's the initial part of a successful dramaturgy. In "Lord of the Rings" for example are three parts, the first is about "the fellowship", the second is about "war" and " nature" and the third is about "friendship". All three parts are fitting perfectly but also as indiviual stories. Fortunatly the last part of "Harry Potter"-novel is finished so let's see ...