August 30, 2007

Bell - Character Design

That's a work-in-progress version of "Bell". Modeling-time: 2days

August 22, 2007

Boris' workout

just a quick finger-exercise. modeling and rendering time: 1day.

August 12, 2007


"Hans-Peter Wurst" aka "Übungswurst" (Mr. Practice-Saucage) informes you that my 3D-all-over-course will start tomorrow and you are all invited to come around! While preparing my lessons i unfortunatly had absolutly no time for my Olli-production. But now i have and so i will be absent for a while. (probably) ...

best wishes fränk

August 10, 2007


A good friend of mine asked me if i could help him modeling an octopus. So i did and got inspired for an own version (1,5 day practice). Hope you like it.


August 7, 2007

Tom - render test

Toy-Version :)

That's a mental-ray-render with final gather. I know it's not the greatest render and Tom's still looking very cg-like, but it's made only for illustrating subsurface-scattering. All bumps, displacements and textures are procedural for a quicker workflow ... i gonna paint now my textures and all the maps. Cheers Fränk

August 5, 2007


sweet smiling sunday dude i made today ... he is 3D-modeled and a little bit 2D-tweaked

August 2, 2007


Yes from today on it is official:
Fränk goes Animation-Mentor (click)! That's a Animation-School where i will study (online) "Advanced Studies in Characters-
Animation". Yeah!!! Pixar i come!!! I can barely wait for October when my first term will begin, "Bouncing Balls". You might think "aehm ... yeah ... uh ... that might be a very interesting term! ... aehm ... for sure! ... " But you have to know, that this term is one of the most important including term 2 - "Body Mechanics". I know some Animation-Mentor-students and they all told me how hard it can be to animate just a simple ball and i can tell i saw incredible assignments yet! Although i'm indeed not a beginner-animator i maybe missed something with the basics-training and i think you can only get a damn good character-animator when you did all the basics over and over rightly.
Anyway ... i created a new Blog (click) where from October on i will post my assignments, impressions and stuff. Feel welcome to come around sometimes leaving me comments or critics.