September 30, 2007


Guess what happened: YEAH! My Animation-Mentor-Study finally gonna start today and boy i'm so curious! From now on my AM-blog will get filled and cramed with all of my assignments and stuff. Feel welcome coming around and leave me comments and critics!

See you buddies!


September 28, 2007

Felipe - old-man-version

Felipe as an old-man-version and with a more "animateable" topology and proportions. I like that version a lot more. Hope you too ;) ... Wish a bright weekend everyone!

Cheers Frank

September 22, 2007

SAM - Character Design

There we go ... Super-Action-Mann aka SAM ... still work in progress (2days), the triceps isn't correct, but i like him yet. Cheers Frank :)

September 19, 2007

Felipe - Character Design

I`m still in a model-temper. That's Felipe, actually a 2D-Character from my former Shortmovie "Bühnenwechsel". He still looking like a stupid monkey, but that's because you model allways a kind of "base-position" where all bodyparts including the facials are in a relaxed postion. In terms of the face it is easier to get all the emotions and stuff from this "slack" position. Modeling-time: 1,5day. Maybe Super-Action-Mann is going to follow.

September 8, 2007

Niculai Constantinescu - Photo Exhibition

One the most talented newcomer photographer Niculai Constantinescu finally opens his first exhibition in Hamburg. Please don't miss it!
Nic's Website (click)

Buttler Bucket - Character Design

This is "Buttler Bucket" the second main-character for my next short-film for Animation-Mentor "Bell and Bucket". Modeling-time: 4days.