December 17, 2007

AnimationMentor - Progress Reel Class01

click on image to watch the reel

Unbelievable ... 3 months over, means my first term is finished. I've worked hard and all the shots, Stu (the Ball-head-character) - poses and some scribbles can be seen by watching my reel above. For all assignments and works just visit my Animation-Mentor-blog (see right). I just want to add that this school is fantastic and although i'm really looking forward for the next 2 weeks which are free i'm really curious about the next term. So thanks to all my class-mates and my incredible mentor Chris Chua! I also want to say special thanks to Sebastian Hofmann, a really gifted animation-supervisor and my first mentor at Animationsfabrik GmbH. You rock man! So have fun watching the reel and leave me unmercyful kind critiques and comments ;) ...

Cheers Frank

December 14, 2007

2007 ... almost done

Winter time - sentimental time ;) Just 2 more weeks and 2007 is almost done. For me i had a great year. Full of ups and thanks god very less downs. A lot of thankful things happened to me and i really hope to you too! This is my ... uh ... fourth year in Hamburg and i'm pretty sure next year i'll stay else well. But ... i can barely wait for Spring 'course honestly said it's not the best town for Winter and Fall and very often i miss the sun so much that i'm feeling like leaving and that feeling gets stronger and stronger each Winter. So maybe next year gonna be the last. Ofcourse i will finish my Animation-Mentor-study first but who knows what will come next. Anyways ... that town inspires me as much as from the first day on and so there are some snap-shots from my picture-diary (click) ... have fun watching them and i wish you all a great Christmas and Happy New Year in advance with the people you love the most!

Take care!


December 1, 2007


Yesterday i've watched "Persepolis" and boy that is one piece of a great great great movie! You must watch it! It's funny, it's well animated, it's a great story so .. it's just art! I had a lot of fun and i will tell nothing about the story. Just enjoy it yourself and i will defintily do the same at least once more!


AM-week 009

Stu-pose for "concerned"

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting for such a long time. But as i said before i'm damn busy with AM and work so. Time flies by that fast and i'm almost trough the first term. But the excitment is still alive and that school is ass-kicking great that i can barely wait for the next term. So check out my AM-Blog (click) for the works i've done so far! Leave me unmercyful critiques and comments if you want. They are always appreciated. Thank you and have a nice weekend!