December 17, 2007

AnimationMentor - Progress Reel Class01

click on image to watch the reel

Unbelievable ... 3 months over, means my first term is finished. I've worked hard and all the shots, Stu (the Ball-head-character) - poses and some scribbles can be seen by watching my reel above. For all assignments and works just visit my Animation-Mentor-blog (see right). I just want to add that this school is fantastic and although i'm really looking forward for the next 2 weeks which are free i'm really curious about the next term. So thanks to all my class-mates and my incredible mentor Chris Chua! I also want to say special thanks to Sebastian Hofmann, a really gifted animation-supervisor and my first mentor at Animationsfabrik GmbH. You rock man! So have fun watching the reel and leave me unmercyful kind critiques and comments ;) ...

Cheers Frank