December 20, 2008

December 17, 2008


Hey gang!

Bah ... so dark outside. The whole day long ... No fun i can tell. But it's like that every year so pretty much the right time for eating cookies and preparing my AnimationMentor-graduation-short. Yay!!! It's movie-time! As you can see it's gonna be dark ... it's gonna be painful but at the end ... ahh ... how could i tell?! You have to watch it yourself ... No it's not gonna be a splatter. No blood no violence. It's just a concept. I hopefully will be finish next year so enough time for organizing popcorn and stuff :) ... But drop by sometimes. Some animation-tests and stuff will be showing up!


November 8, 2008


Yes it's finally Dom-time again and for all those who are not so familiar with Hamburg's attractions The Dom is definitly one of them. I just love it and can't wait to lay bare my teeth up on the 60m free-fall-tower or try to keep my underpants with me while breaking through the sound-barrier. Whoopeee! Go there! It's fun!

October 27, 2008

beautifall '08

There are just some impressions from my last weekend trying to find something likeable while it's being fall. Click here to watch them all. Have a nice week everybody!

Best wishes


October 4, 2008

Tour de Franck - 2008

Yes folks ... back again! First things first i'll stop saying "sorry for not posting so long" but ... sorry ... for not posting so long! AnimationMentor and my job had kept me too busy. So i took a break from my study and was off to vacation for over 2 weeks. Amazing i can tell. I did a 650km tour through Germany from Hamburg to Frankfurt/Main by bike to my family (actually Niederreifenberg near Frankfurt). That was the hardest fun i ever had. Enjoy the visual impressions by clicking here ... (just click on the single images for enlarging them)

Take care all of you!


August 21, 2008

July 22, 2008

finally 3+

Yes! It's my birthday ... and yes i reached the magic 30. Finally ... On Saturday the 26th i gonna celebrate it at my flat, so if you want to join feel free to come around! Just write me mail ... Till then ... Take care all of you!


July 12, 2008

July 4, 2008

Progress Reel - Term03

Hey folks,

big sorry for not posting for so long, but you know it's summer-time and alot of things besides the boring computer are to enjoy :) ... here is my actual reel for Animation-Mentor-Term 03. I hope you all enjoy watching. You got to know that for the very first shot just the body-mechanics are animated and polished, but still work in progress, so in case you would like to leave me critics please concentrate on the body language. Other then this .. Have fun watching i'll promiss to be more communicative in the future!

Best wishes and a great weekend all of you!


click on the image above to watch the reel

April 24, 2008

April 22, 2008

The last Hero ...

Frank & Ollie

Pathetic titel i know but it's the truth. Ollie Johnston (the right one on the image above) passed away last week and for those who are not so involved into animation, he was one of the 9 Disney-"Einsteins" which have found the principles of animation. It is for sure not overstating comparing them with Einstein 'course like he found initial formulas for physics they gave all animators the tools for "creating life" anyways if they are animating stop-motion, traditional or 3D.

Like so many others i grew up with Mickey Mouse, The Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book and all the other great old Disney Movies. Remember that sequence in Jungle book where Baloo was performing the Song "Bare Necessities" or that just breathtaking sequence in "The Rescuers" where Rufus tries to comfort Penny on the bed? These two and many more are animated by Ollie Johnston. They made me laugh, they made me cry and they made me reflecting things since i was a kid and when i had never thought about becoming an animator later on. During the years when i was deeping into the world of animating myself my gratefullness was getting stronger and stronger. None of them are left but i guess it's never too late to say "Thank you!" ... so ...


April 4, 2008

Dr. much more evil

concept for my new shot ...

March 30, 2008

Dr. GreenThumb

Little wacky stop-motion shot i did ... just for fun. I animated this straight ahead without testing/editing. Anyways ... enjoy!

click on the image to watch it

March 29, 2008

Acting - References Part I - Mime

Hey Folks,

My new term gonna start next week with the topic "introduction to acting". This means for me personaly things are getting more seriously, complicated and at the same moment much more interesting. My first shot that i'll have to animate shell visualize a transition of emotions like from being curious to sad/happy or something similar. I know this yet for a while and sometimes when nothing more important had to be done i watched out for references. So i've found on YouTube these great mime-performances by Johann Lippowitz. He's just marvelous. Pay attention how strong and at the same time clear and simple all his poses and facial-expressions are. You will get the idea of what's going on immediatly without missing the text of the song at the same time. It looks so easy and entertaining. I have big respect of that guy. Great caricature and just true art!
Enjoy and have a nice weekend all of you!


March 25, 2008

Animation-Mentor Progress Reel Term02

click on the image to watch the reel

Wow ... what a ride. I've finished term 2 this week and i had a real blast! It's so nice that we have only little limitations in terms of what the assignments should look like and i can freak out like crazy. I know that each shot could get polished alot more but i'm happy with them and i've learned so much during the last 3 months. Next term we gonna start acting and can bearly wait. Fortunatly there is no real break between the terms so i can go on next week. I want to say thank you to all my incredible class-mates and AM-buddies. So many amazing people i've allready met. Special thanks are going to Dana Boadway my mentor for term 2. I miss her yet and i wish her the very best. Have a nice week all of you and have fun watching the reel!

Best wishes


March 24, 2008

March 22, 2008

March 21, 2008

For Ninsha

This week one of my closest friends was visiting me. She is an amazing artist and inspires me since the first time we met. We haven't seen each other for years but for me personaly a good friendship means not to bother each other each single day ... no .. its more the way that a long time without being together means nothing like "uh .. what did you do actually yesterday? ..." So ... we had a lot of fun and i'm quite thankful knowing her!

Thanks again and take care Nina!

March 10, 2008

AnimationMentor Term02 - Shot03

in progress ;)

AnimationMentor Term02 - Shot02

click on the image to watch the shot

February 14, 2008

AnimationMentor Term02 - Shot01

click on the image to watch the shot

Hey Folks ... busy busy hustle bustle ... Just some weekly sketches and my "final" first shot for Term 2. Have fun and take care!


January 23, 2008

Little Dodo

Yeah! Finally i've seen "Little Dodo". Little late but i was quite busy the weeks with my study. It was great! Nice colours, great 2D-animations and honestly said it's quite worthy to work such a long time and sitting at the end in a huge cinema to enjoy the work. I've animated the water-drop-journey at the beginning and the compositing was well done, so i liked what i've seen! The rest of the 18 minutes i've animated were actually lot of things you don't pay attention to ;) like trees, brunches, fishes, birds, leaves (oh i hate animating leaves). But it was great basics-practicing and i've learned so much during that production. Thanks to Sebastian Hofmann, Swag, Florian Westermann, Jens Kämper, Luk and all other great colleagues i had the pleasure to work with!


January 9, 2008

AnimationMentor - WinterTerm


Finally next term has started this week. I have a lot of new fellas in my class und fortunatly a lot of well known faces from my last class. My new Mentor is Dana Boadway and she seems to be quite straight forward. Gonna be harder then last time to get good marks but that's not so important anyways. One thing (and that's the only one) at AM what i don't like are these US-like super-extremes. Everything is "awesome" "super-cool" and so forth but hey if something is not good you should say so. Maybe it's a common German-thing that we actually just want to hear the mistakes first, but i think you can grow and get better only that way by focusing on the mistakes so for me i'm quite happy with Dana and it will keep me working harder as before. So feel invited everytime to drop by by my AM-blog and see what i did so far. Have fun and take care all of you!



Hey everyone!

Hope you've enjoyed free time and have all reloaded batteries! Here are some of my clay-scultptures i did over the last days. I've called them "scribbles" 'course i made them quite quick and tried don't be to picky on details. Each of them (except the pillow, which is an older work) just took me not more then 2-3 hours. But just have a look yourself ...

Best wishes


Whistle Snake
(length: ca 43cm)

Happy Pillow
(hight: ca 28cm)

Excited Evil
(hight: ca 40cm)

(hight: ca 32cm)