January 23, 2008

Little Dodo

Yeah! Finally i've seen "Little Dodo". Little late but i was quite busy the weeks with my study. It was great! Nice colours, great 2D-animations and honestly said it's quite worthy to work such a long time and sitting at the end in a huge cinema to enjoy the work. I've animated the water-drop-journey at the beginning and the compositing was well done, so i liked what i've seen! The rest of the 18 minutes i've animated were actually lot of things you don't pay attention to ;) like trees, brunches, fishes, birds, leaves (oh i hate animating leaves). But it was great basics-practicing and i've learned so much during that production. Thanks to Sebastian Hofmann, Swag, Florian Westermann, Jens Kämper, Luk and all other great colleagues i had the pleasure to work with!


January 9, 2008

AnimationMentor - WinterTerm


Finally next term has started this week. I have a lot of new fellas in my class und fortunatly a lot of well known faces from my last class. My new Mentor is Dana Boadway and she seems to be quite straight forward. Gonna be harder then last time to get good marks but that's not so important anyways. One thing (and that's the only one) at AM what i don't like are these US-like super-extremes. Everything is "awesome" "super-cool" and so forth but hey if something is not good you should say so. Maybe it's a common German-thing that we actually just want to hear the mistakes first, but i think you can grow and get better only that way by focusing on the mistakes so for me i'm quite happy with Dana and it will keep me working harder as before. So feel invited everytime to drop by by my AM-blog and see what i did so far. Have fun and take care all of you!



Hey everyone!

Hope you've enjoyed free time and have all reloaded batteries! Here are some of my clay-scultptures i did over the last days. I've called them "scribbles" 'course i made them quite quick and tried don't be to picky on details. Each of them (except the pillow, which is an older work) just took me not more then 2-3 hours. But just have a look yourself ...

Best wishes


Whistle Snake
(length: ca 43cm)

Happy Pillow
(hight: ca 28cm)

Excited Evil
(hight: ca 40cm)

(hight: ca 32cm)