January 23, 2008

Little Dodo

Yeah! Finally i've seen "Little Dodo". Little late but i was quite busy the weeks with my study. It was great! Nice colours, great 2D-animations and honestly said it's quite worthy to work such a long time and sitting at the end in a huge cinema to enjoy the work. I've animated the water-drop-journey at the beginning and the compositing was well done, so i liked what i've seen! The rest of the 18 minutes i've animated were actually lot of things you don't pay attention to ;) like trees, brunches, fishes, birds, leaves (oh i hate animating leaves). But it was great basics-practicing and i've learned so much during that production. Thanks to Sebastian Hofmann, Swag, Florian Westermann, Jens Kämper, Luk and all other great colleagues i had the pleasure to work with!