March 29, 2008

Acting - References Part I - Mime

Hey Folks,

My new term gonna start next week with the topic "introduction to acting". This means for me personaly things are getting more seriously, complicated and at the same moment much more interesting. My first shot that i'll have to animate shell visualize a transition of emotions like from being curious to sad/happy or something similar. I know this yet for a while and sometimes when nothing more important had to be done i watched out for references. So i've found on YouTube these great mime-performances by Johann Lippowitz. He's just marvelous. Pay attention how strong and at the same time clear and simple all his poses and facial-expressions are. You will get the idea of what's going on immediatly without missing the text of the song at the same time. It looks so easy and entertaining. I have big respect of that guy. Great caricature and just true art!
Enjoy and have a nice weekend all of you!