July 22, 2008

finally 3+

Yes! It's my birthday ... and yes i reached the magic 30. Finally ... On Saturday the 26th i gonna celebrate it at my flat, so if you want to join feel free to come around! Just write me mail ... Till then ... Take care all of you!


July 12, 2008

July 4, 2008

Progress Reel - Term03

Hey folks,

big sorry for not posting for so long, but you know it's summer-time and alot of things besides the boring computer are to enjoy :) ... here is my actual reel for Animation-Mentor-Term 03. I hope you all enjoy watching. You got to know that for the very first shot just the body-mechanics are animated and polished, but still work in progress, so in case you would like to leave me critics please concentrate on the body language. Other then this .. Have fun watching i'll promiss to be more communicative in the future!

Best wishes and a great weekend all of you!


click on the image above to watch the reel