October 27, 2008

beautifall '08

There are just some impressions from my last weekend trying to find something likeable while it's being fall. Click here to watch them all. Have a nice week everybody!

Best wishes


October 4, 2008

Tour de Franck - 2008

Yes folks ... back again! First things first i'll stop saying "sorry for not posting so long" but ... sorry ... for not posting so long! AnimationMentor and my job had kept me too busy. So i took a break from my study and was off to vacation for over 2 weeks. Amazing i can tell. I did a 650km tour through Germany from Hamburg to Frankfurt/Main by bike to my family (actually Niederreifenberg near Frankfurt). That was the hardest fun i ever had. Enjoy the visual impressions by clicking here ... (just click on the single images for enlarging them)

Take care all of you!