January 24, 2009


Thanks to my buddy Swag i've found this on pepeland.com . It's not brand new but maybe you have missed it like me. I've checked this out and i must say it's awesome! It's for free and it's finally one of those missing links to get as close as possible to an equal level of traditional animation. Nowadays everybody wants only 3D-movies to watch. All those new cartoon TV-series are made in 3D. It seams to be the state of the art. But it's totally not! It's a shame! The quality of design, of animation even of the stories are so low that i couln't watch it more than a second. It's so ugly it's so cheep ... ah ... it simply hurts. Have you seen Whinnie Puh in 3D? Bah! Get rid of it! Look out for your old video-cassettes put them in and enjoy the good old stuff.
For those who are not so involved into 3D animation i shortly explain how this works. In 3D-world you have similiar to stop-motion a character with several controls for moving the limbs, the facial-expressions and so on. This manipulation-system is called "rig". But the limitation of that is, that you have a given anatomy and only the high-professional-3D-characters can be pushed in any kind of pose and are adjustable on every body-part. A traditional 2D-animator has to "reinvent" the character on every single sheed of paper. But that gives him totally freedom concerning the proportions of the character to get the strongest pose possible. Watch Tarzan sliding through the wood on those branches. Step through each single frame and measure the lengths of arms, legs and the body. (You don't have to it's just to get the idea of what i'm talking about) You would see that Glen Keane (the animator of that stunning sequence) changes the Tarzan's anatomy so much, but not because he can ... no .. because to provide locomotion in combination with a strong siluette! That's the main reason why 3D animation looks often alot weaker than 2D. Because it's simply impossible to do so if your rig isn't build that way. But with this method (watch the videos below) you can finally go through each single frame of your shot and push things without any limitation of the rig. I'm so curious about it because for me it's a new way of 3D-animation and if you do it right it can rise the level of perfection alot! So ... Happy me happy you! Have fun!


AniSculpt -- Maya Connection Script from pepeland on Vimeo.

AniSculpt Tutorial -- Pepeland from psl on Vimeo.

January 23, 2009

Animation-Mentor Progress Reel Term04

click on the image to watch the reel

Me again! Yay!!! ... i've missed to show you my progress reel for the previous term at Animation Mentor ... So here we go. But i have to say that i'm not happy with it. Term 04 was during the last summer and i was so not in an animation-mood that i just tried to keep all things as simple as possible. Yes everything could be pushed alot more and the facials are weak. Especially in the first shot. After that term i've taken a needed break and got finally my passion back so be aware! The current term 5 is for pre-production for our graduation-shorts and as you can see below i already worked pretty hard on it and i really gonna push things as far as i can. Comments and critique are appreciated of course! Thank you very much and have fun watching!



Jo there!

Here is just a simple movie to show some extreme facials of my main-character Laurel i'm able to do with the facial-controls. It's pretty cool and a combination of blendshapes, joint-clusters, cluster- & wire-deformers! The other characters are part of a "remembering-the-childhood-sequence" and they are just modeled in pose (modeling-time: 2 days each model) . They won't be animated. I have used Maya for blocking out the rough proportions and zBrush & Blender for refining. Anyways ...
I'm almost finished with the body-rig, which is awesome! I gonna make a little show-reel of that too the next weeks so feel free to drop by sometimes for updates!

click on the image to watch the reel

Have a nice weekend everybody!