May 22, 2010

superFreak - update - final render

there we go with the "final" ... really quick and dirty rendered and alot of things i could tweak forever. i'm still not satisfied with leading the eye by the individual actions. too busy overall. but i had learned alot from it ... anyways ... thanks so much for all the critique and comments!!!

May 16, 2010

superFreak - update - second spline

little update on my superFreak-shot ... it's the second spline pass and i start loosing the eye a bit so comments and critique are really appreciated! Thanks alot!

May 14, 2010

ISCREAM - Teaser Trailer

(click image for watching)

Check this out folks!!! That's the graduation-short-film from my beloved girlfriend Marie-Jo and the incredible Cindy Fröhlich. I love it so much, because it's full of great traditional hand-drawn animations, surrounded by shocking backgrounds and accoustic awesomeness by Clemens Endreß! Get you a drink, a cozy chair and lean back for ... ISCREAM!!!

May 1, 2010

"Dirty Olli" - concepts

that's the very first concept i did for my new short-film "Dirty Olli" (that hopefully get produced by TRIKK17

a light-mood-concept based on my 3D-design and coloured with photoshop.


"final" blocking of a multi-character shot of mine. if you like to please leave me critiques! thank you and have fun!

some updated and new animations (click the picture for watching)

"how deep is your ..."

That's my current very short film. All the pigeons, the set-buildings and props (except the car and the man-character, which are one of my designs and rigs) are designed, modeled and rigged by Adrian Walt and Ringo Klapschinsky (some of my former students) Great job and thank you very much for permission to use them. I have animated the shot in 8 weeks and finished the whole short in 12 weeks. What a run but it was so much fun!

"Dirty Olli"

It's a test-render-scene for my current project "Dirty Olli". This shot is part of a teaser-trailer. Design. modeling, rigging, animation and rendering are done by me.


It's been done in 3 days as a test-animation for more subtle acting. For this i've used the AnimationMentor-rig Bishop.


Re-rendered and polished again. Design. modeling, rigging, animation and rendering are done by me.


My old body-mechanis-shot for Animation-Mentor. I re-polished the whole shot and added the arms. For this i've used the AnimationMentor-rig Stuwie.

"Don Quichote"

My old push-pull-excercise from Term 2 at Animation-Mentor ... just rendered. For this i've used the AnimationMentor-rig Stuwie.