November 21, 2011

first "FlatFrog" renderings

YAY!!! These are the first official renderings of "FlatFrog" a 6 min tv-pilot where i supervised animation, modeled and rigged all characters. It was such a great project and i had the pleasure having Dana Boadway (Animation-Mentor), Rodrigo Huerta (Dreamworks-animator) and Jonas Manke (awesome German anim-pro-buddy delyxe) in my team. Margherita Premuroso was directing, Luca da Rios was producing and William Lorenzetti did those amazing renderings. Can't wait to see and show the final!!!!

October 21, 2011

Iscream - Trailer 2010

Graduation-Short made by Cindy Fröhlich and my beloved lady Marie Jo. During that time we felt in love and i still do love you for your crazy thoughts and incredible creativity! Big respect for your great work!

September 30, 2011

September 27, 2011

cintiq doodles

September 8, 2011

"Four" by Margherita Promuroso

Oh boy ... it's been ages that i have posted something. But i was too busy with life. So sorry for this but look at this shortfilm i worked on with and met Margherita Promuroso. She's an incredible artist and even more such a great person that it was a pure pleaure the whole way down the road till finishing this baby. We are aware of the fact that we could have polished and pushed things even more but that's what you get out of such small projects "experience"! Anyways ... i translated the 2D-design into 3D, rigged the character, animated the first half till he rests on top of the tree and the end when he jumps back into the cave (my good buddy Emanuel Amler was doin the rest). Have fun watching!