December 18, 2013

Epson commercial 2013

Very nice project i had the chance to participate. I did the 3D-design of the avatar, the rigging (custom rig with mocap-ability + various pipeline-scripts) and ofcourse the funpart: almost all of the character-animations! Thank you guys (especially Seb) for the great job!

November 4, 2013

recent feature movies i was working on

The Little Ghost - feature movie (2013)

Knight Rusty - feature movie (2013)

The Little Medic - upcoming feature movie (2014)

January 8, 2013

happy buccanerishly new 2013!

2012 is DONE! and it was a super awesome year for me. Finished work for 2 short-films, 1 feature movie and a lot of great and challenging small side-projects. 2013 will be a "pirate year" for me cos we are moving back to Hamburg and i am hardly working on my "Pirate Snotbeard"-script. In the meantime a old friend and one of my main favorite character-designers Michaela Wagner was doing some quick inspirationals and concepts. Especially Cpt Ma'am came out fantastic and i want to say "THANK YOU Michi! YOU ROCK!" again.